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The Oskar von Miller Forum is an independent educational establishment sponsored by the Bavarian construction industry, including the Bayerischer Bauindustrieverband e.V. (Bavarian construction industry association), Verband baugewerblicher Unternehmer Bayerns e.V. (association of Bavarian building enterprises), Verband der Zimmerer- und Holzbauunternehmer in Bayern e.V. (association of carpenters and timber construction contractors in Bavaria) and the trade union IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt. 

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Comments on the success story of the Oskar von Miller Forum from representatives from the trade association, academia and industry:

Thomas Schmid, Managing Director Bayerischer Bauindustrieverband e.V. (Bavarian construction industry association)

“The Oskar von Miller Forum fosters highly motivated and talented future decision-makers and leaders who will be among the industry’s key players of tomorrow.
In addition, the public programme attracts international top players to Munich who address central forward-looking topics and content, making sure our sector stays up to date on the latest developments.

The Oskar von Miller Forum thereby helps secure the future of our industry.”


Erwin Taglieber, Taglieber Holzbau GmbH

“The Oskar von Miller Forum is a valuable asset for the construction sector as it fosters dialogue between architects, construction technicians and civil engineers and promotes international exchange. The programme is ideal for preparing our young talents for the challenges they will face in the construction business.”

Jürgen Schultheiß, Director of Studies, Vice Principal
Städtische Fachschule für Bautechnik/ Meisterschule für das Bauhandwerk (Municipal College of Construction Engineering / Master School for the Construction Trade)

“The Oskar von Miller Forum offers an excellent interplay of theory and practice, bringing highly committed future construction technicians together with future architects and civil engineers.Living and working together with the university students is a tremendous advantage for future construction technicians and master craftsmen.”

122 lectures by internationally renowned architects, civil engineers, researchers and experts, and 8 exhibitions have made the Oskar von Miller Forum a meeting centre for the construction industry. 

The aim of the Visionaries and Everyday Heroes exhibition, for instance, was to portray the profession of civil engineering and to present the construction industry as one of the key economic, social and civic industries.

400 students of architecture, civil and environmental engineering and students enrolled at Munich’s College of Construction Engineering participated successfully in the scholarship programme of the Oskar von Miller Forum.

Nicolas Schramm, PhD student at the TUM, scholarship holder in 2011

“The Oskar von Miller Forum […] significantly enhanced my professional career.

My time at the Forum helped me build close friendships and contacts, thereby creating a network in the building industry from which I benefit greatly today. The excellent professional input and the personal setting at the Forum have definitely had a lasting effect, encouraged me and fostered my success.”

236 renowned academics working in different lines of research in construction and building followed the invitation of the Oskar von Miller Forum to engage in a professional and social exchange with the scholarship holders, providing them with inspiration and impetus. The scholarship holders gained informative insights in topics related to construction during workshops, excursions and other events

Ana Neiva, architect, Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, Portugal – guest scientist in 2018

“The Oskar von Miller Forum is home to a unique community of warm-hearted and generous, bright people who will doubtlessly be leaders in the world of tomorrow. It was an extraordinary experience to be welcomed to such a high-profile institution.”