Lectures and Exhibitions



Forward-looking scientific events in construction-related fields are held at the Oskar von Miller Forum.


Excellent keynote and evening lectures form a significant part of the programme of events. These not only serve aspects such as securing the future and improving quality in construction-related fields, but are also interdisciplinary, intercultural, and innovative in content. They focus on topics of current interest in engineering, architecture and other construction-related areas, not neglecting social issues and developments. Keynote lectures concentrate on the main topics of engineering across the disciplines. 

The Forum also seeks a dialogue with experts through impromptu evening lectures in order to respond flexibly to issues of topical interest. Similar to the keynote lectures, evening lectures are interdisciplinary and intercultural in content.


In June 2019 the Oskar von Miller Forum presented the exhibition "Building Systems by Angelo Mangiarotti". The Italian architect and designer (1921 to 2012), who built factories, residential and office buildings and a church in the 1960s and 1970s, particularly in northern Italy, was a pioneer in the industrial production of building systems made of reinforced concrete.

Civil engineers had the leading role in the exhibition entitled "Visionäre und Alltagshelden. Ingenieure – Bauen - Zukunft" (Visionaries and Everyday Heroes. Engineers – Build – Future) in 2017. As inventors, designers, entrepreneurs and doers, they are both visionaries and everyday heroes. The exhibition outlined the historical development of the profession, building a bridge to the present and giving an outlook on the future. Protagonists and milestone projects, traditional building projects and innovations document the social, cultural and technological relevance of civil engineering.
The Oskar von Miller Forum presented the exhibition in cooperation with the M:AI Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW. A publication in German is available by DETAIL Verlag.

In 2016 the exhibition "The fifth view - of arches, shells, domes, roofs and their engineers" was devoted to masterly roof structures from antiquity to the present and documented innovativeness and technical excellence delivered by architects and engineers.

"Fascinating construction process. From the idea to built reality - the art of engineering by Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure" documented the emerging of outstanding buildings in November 2015.

The design principles in the work of the exceptional civil engineer Stefan Polónyi have been presented in the exhibition "Bearing lines – bearing surfaces" in November 2014.

In November 2013 the "Landscape and Structures" exhibition provided a specific glimpse into civil engineering in Switzerland with a special relationship to the landscape.