The programme of the Oskar von Miller Forum is dedicated to the university education of engineers in the field of construction at the Technische Universität München. With an interdisciplinary and international orientation, it supports students in their pursuit of excellence in both their own field of specialisation and in related disciplines. 

The programme is directly related to the university education of building professionals. Starting from the traditional profession of master builder, the qualification common to all branches of the building and construction industries, the programme establishes connections and links between construction engineering and surveying, between architecture and the artisan trades as well as other engineering and natural sciences. 

The programme consists of three main components:

One of these components is the guest scientists working and living at the Forum. In direct dialogue with the residents, and through lectures, workshops and discussions sessions, they contribute to and enrich the programme as well as day-to-day life at the Oskar von Miller Forum, both from a professional and a cultural point of view. In addition, seminars on personal development and career assistence interviews are offered.

The independent and outstanding programme of public events is the second component that ensures valuable impetus for the professional development of students. Internationally recognized experts hold challenging lectures on issues of topical interest in structural engineering and architecture.

The third component is the exchange that takes place between students from different countries and from different disciplines and which is nurtured by the shared living and working arrangements at the Oskar von Miller Forum.

Scientific dialogue

An interdisciplinary dialogue and the critical examination of key issues in construction-related fields are the focus of attention. To this end, regular public keynote and evening lectures are held for professors, scientists and students of the construction-related faculties at the Technische Universität München and specialists interested in these subjects. 

The keynote lectures, which are interdisciplinary, intercultural and innovative, focus on main topics of current interest in engineering and other technical, construction-related areas. In addition, evening lectures are held through which the Oskar von Miller Forum responds quickly to issues of topical interest for building and construction. 

By doing so, the Oskar von Miller Forum has created an excellent framework for encouraging scientific dialogue between its residents – committed students, master trainee builders and visiting scientists in construction-related fields.