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The Oskar von Miller Forum contributes exciting ideas and inspiration to the education of a new generation of civil and environmental engineers, architects and master builders through its excellent programme, while at the same time offering them temporary accommodation. In dialogue with guest scientists from across the globe, residents enhance and extend their interests and are thus prepared for working life with tasks spanning different disciplines. It is in this way that the Oskar von Miller Forum fosters their pursuit of excellence.

The Oskar von Miller Forum considers technical expertise and social skills to lie at the heart of excellence. The ability to recognise connections, personal initiative, staying power, a sense of responsibility and specialist knowledge, these are some of the characteristics that are of central importance. Social skills, such as the ability and willingness to communicate, to respond appropriately in any given situation, and reliability in one’s dealings with others also play an important role in the cultivation of excellence.

Application as scholarship holder

An above-average academic record and identification with the objectives of the Oskar von Miller Forum are needed to be accepted as a scholarship holder. Future residents are selected based on their specialist and social potential during an application procedure.

Residents of the Oskar von Miller Forum are expected not only to actively participate in public keynote and evening lectures but also take part in internal workshops, seminars and lectures as well as assume organisational tasks. Moreover, events such as the Welcome Weekend at the beginning of the winter semester are obligatory for all residents. 

A willingness to engage in the community from a professional and social point of view rounds off an applicant's profile.

A minimum stay of two semesters is required.

All the information on the required application papers is available here:

Application as guest scientist

The Oskar von Miller Forum promotes excellence in the training of its scholarship holders in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering and from the school of construction engineering. Guest scientists from the national and international arena are invited as part of the programme.

The guest scientists engage in a professional dialogue with the residents and make active contributions to the programme of the Oskar von Miller Forum, both as guest speaker featuring in the public programme and as Scientists in Residence.

More information about the guest scientist concept of the Oskar von Miller Forum is available here.


54 apartments for scholarship holders are available for renting at the Oskar von Miller Forum.  All the apartments have a sleeping/living area and a sanitary area. Apartments for the disabled are also available. 

Spacious communal areas with a well-equipped kitchen are located in front of the apartments on each floor. A project room can be used for group work. A library is available as a reading and music room. In the Forum’s own bistro, good quality meals are offered at lunch time.