In-house Events

Lectures and workshops

In addition to the public lectures, inhouse events are offered for residents of the Oskar von Miller Forum.

Guest scientists present the main focuses of their activities and research in workshops, lectures or round table discussions to the residents. The students for their part are invited to present essentials aspects of their work or projects at tandem lectures. This way they can define their own priorities beyond the scope of their particular specialist knowledge and discover whilst developing and testing their personal strengths

Personal development seminars

The scholarship holders are prepared in seminars for their role as future managers in business, teaching and research in the field of construction. Primarily the integrative abilities of perception and communication are trained. Thus, topics such as job application training, staff management, interview skills and international communication skills are the focus of attention. All seminars are individually tailored to the needs of the scholarship holders in cooperation with a professional trainer.


Career Assistence

Scholarship holders are given the opportunity to receive personal assistance and support to promote their career development through individual counselling sessions with team members from the Oskar von Miller Forum. Questions discussed may relate to students’ professional development, personal expectations regarding their future career path or specific
feedback on their portfolios or CVs. Students can also obtain recommendations concerning suitable further in-house or external training.

Social Events

There will be a Welcome excursion to encourage the integration of new students and create a basis for a positive community at the beginning of the winter semester.

An International Evening, Summer Festival and Christmas Party are further in-house events - organized by the residents - that foster a sense of community between residents.