EventsCreating Value with BIM

Creating Value with BIM

Ilka May

LocLab GmBh, Darmstadt

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28 November
Photo from Ilka May



One of the major success factors in building projects is effective collaboration between all parties involved – from planners and designers to those implementing the work. A digitalised approach to construction based on BIM, Building Information Modelling, is therefore one of the most important strategies for future building. In her lecture, BIM expert Ilka May gave an account of the potential of digital processes and technologies, as well as the main impediments to their establishment in Germany. In addition, she ex­plained how designers benefit from BIM and who pays the cost.


Ilka May underlined that digital twins offer particular potential for more fore­sight and a better basis for investment decisions in the construction sector. This led to a lively discussion after the lecture

Ilka May

Ilka May is CEO of LocLab Consulting GmbH, a company specialised in creating digital twins – virtual copies of real or planned ob­jects and spaces.


In 2017, she co-chaired the EU BIM Task Group before becoming a key advisor to the update procedure of the BIM strategy adopted by the German rail­way operator Deutsche Bahn.


BIM Strategien von May Ilka
BIM Strategien Photo: LocLab Consulting
BIM Prozesse von May Ilka
BIM Prozesse Photo: LocLab Consulting
Photo of the lecture by May Ilka
Photo of the lecture by May Ilka
Photo from May Ilka
Manage Risks better with BIM
Ilka May CEO der LocLab Consulting GmbH