EventsHow to Manage High-Rise Buildings with Natural Ressources

How to Manage High-Rise Buildings with Natural Ressources

Klaus Daniels

HL-Technik Engineering GmbH, Munich

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13 January
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Klaus Daniels is known throughout the world as one of the leading engineers and advisers in the field of ecological, future-oriented building. For more than four decades he worked on progressive engineering solutions in the area of environmentally friendly and energy saving buildings which are remarkable for their ­sustainable employment of natural resources. His publications, such as “The Technology of Ecological Building” (1995) and “Low-Tech, Light-Tech, High-Tech” (1998) are key works for ecologically interested architects and designers, to whom he vividly explains the importance of construction physics as basis and potential for innovative technologies. Characteristic are the combination of a fundamental knowledge and a comprehensive, interdisciplinary perspective of things which turned his books into core literature quoted all over the world.

His interdisciplinary design methods and his trained sense of aesthetics made him a very renowned consultant demanded by internationally acclaimed design offices such as Jourda et Perraudin Architects, Lyon, von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Ham­burg, Bothe Richter Teherani, Hamburg, or Herzog + Partner, Munich.

In the design process he gives priority to approaching building services engineering as an integral part of architecture in consideration of opportunities presented by passive measures such as the aligning of buildings and their façades, maximization of the use of natural ventilation, consideration of general physical principles, for example thermal buoyancy or the use of thermal mass to store thermal energy according to individual needs. In this way, investments and operational costs as well as technology use are reduced to a necessary minimum.

His long-term work and experience in building services made of him not only a very sought-after expert in the field of climate conscious building but also ear­ned him the Chair of Building Services Engineering at the ETH Zürich where he taught from 1991 to 2005.

Klaus Daniels

Klaus Daniels has made more of a mark in the field of ecological building. In 2006 Technische Universität Munich has conferred him the honorary doctorate for his outstanding accomplishments. Since 2008 he is managing partner of HL-Technik Engineering Partner GmbH and represents since 2008 the Department of Design and Building Services Engineering at Technical University Darmstadt.