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Gordian Kley

merz, kley, partner, Dornbirn

Livestream on
27 January



Because of its fundamental complexity, timber construction design and construction seeks simple solutions that are usually difficult to find. Nevertheless – or precisely because of this – a good timber construction finds its beginning in the “species-appropriate” design, with its construction, in its supporting structure.

The aesthetics and economic efficiency of a building are decided just as much as its constructability, functionality and sustainability. None of these criteria can be changed without influencing the others. All the greater is the joy when everything can be resolved into simplicity – with due regard for craftsmanship and robustness and always with a view to expression: for even buildings and load-bearing structures made of wood will not be able to be sustainable without design standards with a view to the required service life. Such topics want to be discussed, such projects should be told about.

Lecture in German

Gordian Kley

The civil engineer Gordian Kley is managing partner of merz kley partner in Dornbirn, Austria.


merz, kley, partner are an engineering office for structural design from Vorarlberg with a branch in Heilbronn. Their passion is good architecture, their speciality timber construction. Structures for demanding projects are their domain. They develop these together with the best architects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Mostly in wood – as a decisive contribution to the future. Often hybrid – building materials are combined in a sensible way. And always innovative.


Landwirtschafliches Zentrum St. Gallen in Salez ©Seraina Wirz
Hofstelle Karpfsee Bad Heilbrunn © Stefan Müller-Naumann
Bürogebäude S6 in Dornbirn ©Bruno Klomfar
München Campus Olympiapark © Markus Buck
Photos lecture: © Astrid Eckert