Change in Awareness

Meinhard Miegel
Denkwerk Zukunft Germany

Does prosperity need growth? Meinhard Miegel, one of Germany‘s most influential social scientists, will answer this question and make suggestions in this context. The consumption of goods and services is a cornerstone of all economic activity. This is why for a long time the great majority of the population understood prosperity to be the ability to consume. But it is gradually becoming apparent that mass consumption creates problems because no economically developed country is still living within the Earth’s ecological limits. That means, however, that the prosperity of all of these countries is based primarily on an overexploitation of the environment, our shared world and future generations. Therefore, a further increase in the volume of goods should not still be our aim but instead a conscious lifestyle, a love of nature, pleasure in beautiful things and not least solidarity with and service to the community.

 Lecture in German.

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