Dieter Rams in a discussion with Fritz Frenkler

What is good design?

Dieter Rams, world-renowned designer and honorary professor of the Technical University of Munich, will engage in a discourse on the significance of design with Fritz Frenkler, industrial designer and head of the Institute of Industrial Design at the Technical University of Munich. Dieter Rams summed up his philosophy of “less, but better” in ten design theses that have had a formative influence on generations of designers at national and international levels.
“Design is essentially determined by the fact that it explains things without making it necessary to read long instructions,” says Dieter Rams. Clarity of form, truth to material and ease of use are key guiding principles of his work. Many successful designers around the world have embraced this concept of design. One of them is the British designer Jonathan Ive who is in charge of all Apple products and says Dieter Rams is his role model and source of inspiration.

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