Landscape as touched Nature

Christophe Girot
Institute of Landscape Architecture ETH Zurich

What are our fundamental perceptions of nature in the 21st century? How do we treat the landscape, both in practice and in the training of architects and civil and environmental engineers? The normative concept of landscape and nature must be called into question today to enable us to discover new approaches in a changing world. Would it be possible to create equilibrium between our well-being and an ecological balance? What impact would it have on the environment if it were designed and accepted in entirely cultural terms?
In his lecture, Christophe Girot makes a plea for making the cultivation of nature a societal goal and value. This would mean that landscape becomes touched nature.

Christophe Girot was born in Paris in 1957 and is a professor at the Institute of Landscape Architecture, Department of Architecture at the ETH Zurich.
Additionally, he is director of Atelier Girot, headquartered in Zurich, which has been successful in planning and implementing new forms of nature design for 25 years. Atelier Girot implements projects of diverse dimensions ranging from small-scale garden designs to complex urban planning and landscape design projects.

Video of the lecture (in German)