On Top – Roofs as Public Spaces

Patrick Lüth
Snøhetta Innsbruck

A cultural building is a public asset. It should be open to all citizens, and not only to a population group specifically interested in culture. The Oslo opera house designed by Snøhetta achieves just that. The roof of the entire building has been developed for use as a non-commercial public space. The result is a freely accessible urban landscape that provides public space. The building has therefore become a prototype of democratic attitudes in architecture.

Patrick Lüth, managing director of Snøhetta in Innsbruck, will speak about this project and other projects in which the roof is the most important area (Lecture in German).

Snøhetta, the most well-known architectural firm of Norway, was founded in Oslo in 1989 and cultivated a unique approach from the start. In addition to architects, the team includes landscape architects, interior designers and brand designers. Snøhetta moreover often collaborates with artists such as Olafur Eliasson from Iceland. The pavilion for the London Serpentine Gallery in 2007 was a successful joint project. Snøhetta earned itself international acclaim with buildings like the opera in Oslo and the library in Alexandria.