Anne Lacaton
Lacaton & Vassal Architects France

The challenges of contemporary society all seem, basically, to revolve around a culture of paying attention, interpreting and transforming the existing environment. The point is to exalt the capacities of the existing, to look at it in a new light. The existing provides the preliminary structure for all our projects. Transforming, using, what already exists is accurately observing, from inside, as close as possible. Understanding,being curious, being attentive, to the places, trees, people. Looking positively and taking advantage of what is already there, as an opportunity and an additional value. Adding, joining, expanding, superimposing,spanning the existing structure is always more interesting than starting from a place beforehand cleaned and emptied. The project invents then a new situation, enriched of all the previous stories, of all the existing layers.

The lecture will demonstrate this by showing social housing projects realized by Lacaton & Vassal Architects in France.

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