Angelo Mangiarotti - Meister der Ästhetik und Technologie

Opening of the exhibition

Given the necessity to create large-scale new residential housing, system-based building has continued to gain importance in recent years due to weather-independent, prefabricated and largely cost-effective production.

These circumstances have lent particular topicality to the work of the architect and designer Angelo Mangiarotti. He created architecture of high artistic merit combined with functions whose design is not primarily influenced by the representation or symbolism of institutions as mercantile branding. Instead he developed inspiring, beautiful building systems, for instance for production halls, which are today mostly built without any claims of design quality as they are merely “functional” buildings. But they are, after all, places that play a major role in the daily work lives of millions of people.

The buildings designed by Angelo Mangiarotti are largely made of concrete, a freely malleable material without a fixed morphological structure. They are aesthetically compelling in terms of their immediate architectural diction. The classical structural components (such as columns, girders, roofs, ceilings and walls) find expression with regard to their respective function, their provenance as industrially produced parts and as a form of architectural sophistication.

Angelo Mangiarotti is an exceptional architect both in his position and objectives, and in his sophisticated aesthetic and technical skills. Twenty years ago, an honorary doctorate was bestowed upon him by the Technical University of Munich at the request of the Department of Architecture, honouring his work in particular by an exhibition presenting his building systems. The upcoming exhibition at the Oskar von Miller Forum was conceived on this basis.

The opening of the exhibition on June 4 at 6:30 p.m. will be marked by a presentation by Professor Thomas Herzog, EoE of the TU Munich, entitled “Die Bausysteme von Angelo Mangiarotti – Meister der Technologie und Ästhetik des Bauens” (The building systems of Angelo Mangiarotti – master of technology and aesthetics of building). He will discuss in particular the significance of Mangiarotti’s engineering skills for the architecture of today. (Introduction in German)

Venue and opening hours:

Oskar von Miller Forum, Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 25, 80333 München

June 5 to July 10, 2019, Mondays to Fridays 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on national holidays and weekends )Free admission

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