Learning to live on the critical zone

Bruno Latour
Prof. em. SciencesPo, Paris

Bruno Latour is emeritus professor associated with the médialab and the program in political arts (SPEAP) of Sciences Po Paris. Since January 2018 the philosopher and anthropologist is for two years fellow at the Zentrum fur Media Kunst (ZKM) and professor at the HfG both in Karlsruhe. In addition to curating the exhibition Critical Zones in ZKM (opening May 2020) he was also, together with Martin Guinard, curator of the Taipeh Biennale of Art (October 2010).

More and more interested by political ecology question he has published  “Facing Gaia - eight lectures on the New Climatic Regime” in 2015 and “Down to Earth - Politics in the New Climatic Regime” in 2018.