Society – Corporations – Responsibility

Klaus M. Leisinger
Stiftung Globale Werte Allianz Basel

Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development

Most of the wealth of modern societies stems from successful entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, only about half of all people trust corporations and their leaders to live up to their responsibility and “do the right thing.” It will, however, not be possible to tackle the social changes we are facing for the common good without profit-oriented corporations taking on a leading role. The challenges of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, digitalisation and intensifying competition with players from emerging markets such as China cannot be addressed by doing business as usual. Given that complex problems cannot be solved by individual parties, there is a growing need for new forms of cooperation between business and society.

Prof. Dr. Klaus M. Leisinger is Professor of Sociology at the University of Basel and President of the Global Values Alliance. He was Managing Director and Chairman of the Novartis Foundation until 2013. Prof. Leisinger is engaged in corporate responsibility issues and actively promotes a corporate culture of dialogue with all relevant stakeholders. He held numerous advisory positions in organizations such as the UN Global Compact and the World Bank. He is president of the German Network for Business Ethics, a member of the steering committee of the initiative "Ethics in Action" associated with the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences and a member of the SDSN Leadership Council.

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