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Dietmar Feichtinger
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes Paris Wien

Architectural design concepts by Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes are portrayed to illustrate the relationship between spatial perception, technical implementation and beauty. Dietmar Feichtinger describes the role played by various geographical situations, urban spaces and natural landscapes in the design process. The interpretation of design tasks has a stimulating effect in each project. The lecture will present public buildings as well as infrastructure projects such as bridges. 

The firm’s project portfolio includes schools, sports facilities and swimming pools, office and residential buildings, as well as bridges in various European cities. Most recently, the office won the competition for the design of a security barrier to protect the Eiffel Tower in Paris from attacks. 200-metre-long glass walls were erected along the road axes, as well as metal fencing at the sides facing the gardens, incorporating the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower.
The Austrian architect Dietmar Feichtinger founded Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes in Paris in 1994. A branch office in Vienna was added in 2002. Dietmar Feichtinger has been teaching at various universities including the University of Paris VI - La Villette, RWTH Aachen University, and the Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna. He was appointed a member of the Berlin Akademie der Künste in 2014.

Its building designs have won the firm numerous awards. The pedestrian bridge Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir in Paris alone won five prizes. In 2017, the Passerelle de la Paix (Footbridge of Peace) in Lyon was awarded the German Steel Engineering Award (Ingenieurpreis des deutschen Stahlbaues), in 2016 the Albert Camus School Centre in Coulaines won the Award of the Sarthe Department, in 2015 the bridge to Mont-Saint-Michel won the French Steel Construction Award Trophées Eiffel, and in 2008 the Three Countries Bridge crossing the Rhine River won the German Bridge Engineering Award (Brückenbaupreis).

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