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The Oskar von Miller Forum provides excellent inspiration for the education of future civil and environmental engineers, architects and construction technicians, offering a programme scholarship and accommodation.

Scholarship holders enhance and extend their interests and skills by engaging in dialogue with guest scientists from across the globe and participating in the programme, and are thus prepared for a successful professional career encompassing interdisciplinary tasks. They benefit from an interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange, as well as from an extensive alumni network. The Oskar von Miller Forum thereby fosters the pursuit of excellence in training.

Application as scholarship holder (f/m)


  • Promotion of excellence in training based on a programme scholarship
  • Lectures by high-profile architects, civil engineers and researchers from different disciplines
  • Professional and personal development
  • Interdisciplinarity and intercultural exchange
  • Dialogue with guest scientists
  • International network


  • Above-average academic achievement
  • Active participation in all public and in-house events (lectures, discussion sessions, workshops)
  • Motivation for personal and professional development
  • Innovative and interdisciplinary mindset and openness for topics from other academic disciplines
  • Involvement in social and community activities

Applications for a programme scholarship will be accepted on condition of a minimum stay of two semesters. Applications can be submitted at any time, even during the semester.

All the information on the required application papers is available here:

Application as Scientist in Residence

The Oskar von Miller Forum promotes the excellence of the education of its scholarship holders from the departments of architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering and from the college for construction technology by offering a public and an in-house programme of events that includes lectures, seminars and workshops. Renowned national and international researchers from the field of construction are invited as Scientists in Residence.

Outstanding expertise and social skills, combined with a profound interest in working with the qualified, motivated scholarship holders from the Oskar von Miller Forum, are typical elements in the profile of a Scientist in Residence. Whilst engaging in a professional and social dialogue with the scholarship holders, and offering workshops, excursions and other activities, the visiting scholars give informative insights into topics related to construction, provide valuable inspiration and are available as mentors.

The visiting scholars are expressly welcome to take part in the public and the in-house programmes of events of the Oskar von Miller Forum.

More information on requirements and application documents


54 apartments for scholarship holders are available for renting at the Oskar von Miller Forum.  All the apartments have a sleeping/living area and a sanitary area. Apartments for the disabled are also available. 

Spacious communal areas with a well-equipped kitchen are located in front of the apartments on each floor. A project room can be used for group work. A library is available as a reading and music room. In the Forum’s own bistro, good quality meals are offered at lunch time.