EventsArchitecture in a Time of Changing Energy Patterns

Architecture in a Time of Changing Energy Patterns

Klaus Daniels

HL-Technik Engineering Partner GmbH, Munich

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25 April
Foo von Klaus Daniels



Dwindling natural resources and climate change are forcing a rethink and more decisive action in the field of architecture and the building technology it serves. Responsible exploitation of natural resources as well as active measures relating to buildings and other architectural structures could be a meaningful way to break the dependency on fossil fuels and non-renewal resources. Mere lip service and flowery phrases are not enough: decisive and determined action is what is urgently called for. 

For ecological and sustainable building to become a reality, it is essential that civil and environmental engineers, landscape and structural designers, architects and users work closely together to create structures that take due account of changing energy patterns.  

In designing buildings and façade structures it is absolutely vital that technologies that generate energy and use such energy are consistently utilised. 


Klaus Daniels summarises his work as researcher, lecturer and consulting engineer as follows: “For many years I have been endeavouring to bring together those most directly involved in building planning and development activities and to find innovative solutions which ensure that the houses of the future are increasingly run on renewable energies.”

Klaus Daniels

Prof. Dr. Klaus Daniels is a leading engineer a nd consultant in the field of ecologically sound building. For over four decades he has been involved in developing advanced engineering solutions in the field of environmentally friendly and energy-saving buildings characterised by a sustainable approach to natural resources. Between 1991 and 2005 he was professor for building technology ­at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. In 2006 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Technische Universität München. Klaus Daniels is managing director of HL Technik Engineering Partner GmbH in Munich.