EventsDesign with Resources – discover hidden potentials!

Design with Resources – discover hidden potentials!

Hanaa Dahy

BioMat@Copenhagen Aalborg Universität / BioMat. TGU@TTI GmbH

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16 November



Architecture inspired by nature, biocomposites, biomimetics, sustainability, smart materials, ecological building systems, product design, robotic and digital manufacturing techniques, biointelligence, vertical farming, 3D printing, customised fibre placement and bioeconomy are the topics of architect Hanaa Dahy.
In her lecture, she will focus on the design philosophy ‘Materials as a Design Tool’ established at BioMat and explain how multidisciplinary collaboration can take place in order to achieve an even more sustainable and resource-efficient future architecture.

Hanaa Dahy

Hanaa Dahy, is a registered German Egyptian architect who established her (BioMat@Copenhagen) research centre within her associate professorship at Aalborg University-Copenhagen as well as her company-sector named BioMat TGU@TTI GmbH in Stuttgart in 2022 based on her first (BioMat) department during her first professorship at the University of Stuttgart in mid-2016. Her first architecture office was established in Cairo since 2003.

She holds European and international patents, won dozens of Design Awards including the Materialica and MaterialPreis Awards as well as the Excellence Award for Women of outstanding achievements in the Architecture and Construction in the Middle East- Top 3 in 2020.

Lecture in German



Hanaa Dahy developed the architectural design philosophy „Materials as a Design-Tool“, based on applying alternative materials, digital fabrication and optimized geometric constellations through parametric computational design. That enabled designing and fabricating diverse innovative sustainable architectural solutions and products, allowing to earn numerous design awards and industrial project funds as well as constructing numerous architectural and landscape projects in the middle east, north Africa and in Europe.


Photos: © Astrid Eckert
TFP BioMat Canopy 2019_© BioMat
BioMat LightPRO Pavillon 2021 ©BioMat
Biennale Venice 2023. ©BioMat, potographer: ReportArch / Andrea Ferro Photography