EventsEnable Sustainable Life through Architecture

Enable Sustainable Life through Architecture

Alexandra Hagen

White Arkitekter

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22 June



Since the very beginning, White Arkitekter has been characterised by sustainability and humanistic approach. In 2020, the employee-owned architectural practice declared a new vision – by 2030 all their projects to be climate neutral, or better, by 2030.

By increased focus on circular architecture, innovation and being at the forefront of development and implementation of new technology, we can drive the climate transition and create healthy, inclusive and beautiful spaces for people to thrive and grow at the same time.

“Our quest is to fuse beauty and sustainability together through design excellence. The humanist approach is important to us. We are all affected by our surroundings and we thrive in spaces where we feel safe and free and where we are exposed to beauty. In the long run, only buildings and spaces that are loved and cherished by people remain inhabited and survive the test of time”, says Alexandra Hagen, CEO of White Arkitekter.

Alexandra Hagen

Alexandra Hagen has been an architect and leader at White Arkitekter since 2001. During the years she has held several roles, including International Director and Director of Research and Development, before assuming the position of CEO in 2018.
Alexandra Hagen is a board member of Sweden Green Building Council, Digital Twin Cities Centre and Malmö University. She was also in the master jury of Dezeen Awards 2020 and WAF Awards.

photo Alexandra Hagen © Camilla Svensk


White Arkitekter is one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural practices. It is an interdisciplinary practice working with sustainable architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design for current and future generations. Their mission is to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture. And the vision is for 2030 that all their architecture will be climate positive. White Arkitekter is an employee-owned architecture collective of about 700 employees, with presence in Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Canada and East Africa.

Moorfields Eye Hospital; Foto: ©White Arkitekter
Hamntorget; Foto: © Jann Lipka
Selma Lagerlöfs Center; Foto: © Åke Eson Lindman
Climate Innovation District; Foto: © Citu
Scholarship holders moderating the Q&A session; photo © Astrid Eckert
Questions from the audience; photo @ Astrid Eckert
Lecture via livestream © Astrid Eckert
As architects, we should use our ability to broaden the professional role into new fields. This can help to create better conditions for sustainable urban development and architecture, as we our competence lies at the intersection between technology and the Humanities
Alexandra Hagen CEO von White Arkitekter