EventsLight in the Public Realm

Light in the Public Realm

James Carpenter

James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. New York

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04 December
Foto des Vortrags von James Carpenter



The lecture explored the potential of design to insert the experience of nature into the built environment at an urban scale and light is the most ubiquitous of phenomena.

The work of James Carpenter Design Associates INC. (JCDA) is motivated by a deeply held agenda that seeks to merge ecological and aesthetic goals by exploring the natural world to manifest its material, structural and environmental beauty in the built environment. The work is a synthesis of creative ideas and technical expertise that straddles the fields of art, architecture and engineering.

James Carpenter

James Carpenter is president and founder of James Carpenter Design Associates INC.. The New York architectural office focuses on the integration of experiential light into urban landscapes. Currently, JCDA’s design for a commercial tower along New York City’s High Line ­is under construction. Several art projects are underway that include a large art wall/facade within the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project on the west side of Manhattan and the Sky Reflector-Net of the Fulton Center subway station. 


The focus is placed on the creative application of innovative technologies, whereby light in transmission, reflection and refraction as it is perceived, is the work’s initial inspiration, which becomes a guiding principal in designing a complete design project. The result is design that re-establishes and enriches the individual’s relationship with light and other natural phenomena within the urban environment.


Project from James Carpenter -Israel Museum
Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Photo: © Timothy Hursley, Courtesy of Israel Museum
Project from James Carpenter
Sky Reflector-Net in der U-Bahnstation Fulton Center, New York; Foto: © JCDA
Project from James Carpenter
Oklahoma, Devon Energy Headquarters; © James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. | Foto: Joe Aker