EventsThe evolution of AEC practices in the USA as a result of BIM

The evolution of AEC practices in the USA as a result of BIM

Chuck Eastman

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

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10 July
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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is rapidly transforming USA practices in architecture, construction, fabrication and other aspects of the construction industry. The impacted practices include client demands and specifications, how architects compete, and especially how buildings are fabricated and erected. The new practices will be reviewed. In parallel, new forms of building procurement are also changing the ways project teams organize and the risks and ­rewards are distributed in construction projects. The talk surveyed these changes and showed how they interact to lead to larger changes, transforming ­practices. Some projections suggesting the longer term effects of these changes were offered. 


Chuck Eastman is a pioneer of AEC CAD, developing research 3D and early solid and parametric modeling systems for the building industry starting in the middle 1970s. He was a faculty member at Carnegie-Mellon University and UCLA before his current position at GA Tech. At GA Tech he directs the Digital Building Laboratory, that is sponsored by eleven AEC companies and undertakes collaborative research with them. In addition, he currently has projects with the Precast Concrete Institute and the Charles Pankow Foundation, with the America Institute of Steel Construction and the American Concrete Institute, defining BIM exchange standards for these industry areas. He recently completed work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology on improving IFC semantic foundations.

Chuck Eastman

In November 2006, Chuck Eastman was awarded the BIM 2006 BuildingSMART Open Data Award by the International Alliance for Interoperability. He is co-author, with Paul Teicholz, Rafael Sacks and Kathleen Liston, of the Building Information Modeling Handbook, that came out in a second edition in March of 2011 from John Wiley and Sons. Earlier, he wrote Building Product Models for CRC Press. He is author of over 100 papers on BIM, parametric modeling and on databases and product models.