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Alexander Neumeister

Brazil, Germany

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09 July
Photo from Alexander Neumeister



The design of trains and travel landscapes is a perfect example of technology-oriented design, where life span is measured in decades and where interdisciplinarity characterises collaboration in a team. At the same time, innovation doesn’t just mean “different at any price”, but ­rather also signifies optimisation and careful development. A wide range of projects, from design of high-speed trains to urban underground ­rail in Europe, Asia and South America, are the starting points for reflections on design processes in practice, and also on alternative forms ­of travel.

Innovative production possibilities, technologies and materials are appear­ing almost daily that are changing our notions of product design. Through digitalization, smart grids and the “internet of things“, new social models are becoming conceivable that will change our ideas of design when it comes to developing new products, as will the challenge of how to better integrate design into a broader product cycle.

Alexander Neumeister

Alexander Neumeister is one of the most well-known high-tech industrial designers. Among his most famous designs are the German ICE high-speed trains, the Transrapid Maglev train and the Japanese Shinkansen “Nozomi 500”. His groundbreaking designs also in­clude numerous local trains, suburban rapid transit trains and urban underground trains for Germany, Japan, China and Brazil, not forgetting of course Munich’s C1 and C2 underground trains

As a graduate of Ulm School of Design as well as recipient of a scholarship from Tokyo University of Arts, he founded “Neumeister ­Design” in 1970, specializing in the areas of medicine, professional electronics and transport. In early 2012 Alexander Neumeister left ­N + P Industrial Design (formerly Neumeister-Design). Today he divides his time between Germany and Brazil.

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ICE3 Hochgeschwindigkeitszug der Deutschen Bahn Foto
ICE3 high-speed train of the Deutsche Bahn Photo: Alexander Neumeister
Japanese high-speed train of the Jr Nishi Nihon Shinkansen class 500 Photo JR-West
Japanese high-speed train of the Jr Nishi Nihon Shinkansen class 500 Photo JR-West
Munich Ubahn
Munich Ubahn Photo SWM/ MVG/ NP Industrial Design