EventsWater 4.0 – A Revolution

Water 4.0 – A Revolution

David L. Sedlak

University of California Berkeley, USA

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10 December
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His book Water 4.0 addresses a future urban water revolution, the first stage of which is already underway in water-scarce cities. This stage involves the replacement of imported water with local sources obtained, for instance, by treatment of municipal wastewater, urban runoff or ­even seawater. These technologies could transform future urban landscapes by eliminating the need for centralised water infrastructure at the building or neighbourhood scale. Taking a look back on the history of urban water supply systems, the water expert provides deep insights into today’s water crisis based on the supply revolutions of the past.

The ability to control contaminants in municipal water helped prevent the spread of disease and ensure the supply of drinking water. Today, increas­ing urbanisation and climate change call for a fourth revolution.

David L. Sedlak

David L. Sedlak is Malozemoff Professor in Mineral Engineering at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of California, Berkeley, USA. ­His research focuses on the degradation of chemical contaminants, with the long-term goal of developing cost-effective, safe, and sustainable systems to manage water resources.

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Photo: Jannes Linder, Rob Hart