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Happy Houses

Jacob van Rijs

MVRDV Rotterdam

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15 January
Photo from Jacob van Rijs



Ever since the start of the office, MVRDV has been focusing on finding recipes for implementing individual as well as collective aspects into ­its housing projects. Both in a large collective as well as smaller indivi­dual context. From a single family Barcode House in Munich to the 1000 + apartment buildings in India. How can these seemingly contradicting ­elements be integrated in a design process and how do they function ­after being in use for 10 years or more?

Recently, as the market for housing in the Netherlands went through a severe crisis, there has been a tendency from collective to private de­velopments where it becomes easier for home-buyers with different budgets to develop and ‘design’ their own ideal houses, and even neighborhoods, MVRDV has been incorporating these tendencies in several master plans. How does one deal with freedom in individual design in a collective urban context? Or in other words how does one create Happy Houses?

Jacob van Rijs

Jacob van Rijs is an architect, urban planner and one of the founders of the office MVRDV, together with Winy Maas and Nathalie de Vries in 1991. Early projects such as the headquarters for the Public Broadcasting Company VPRO and the WoZoCo housing for elderly in Amsterdam brought MVRDV international acclaim.


Project from Jacob van Rijs -barc10
Photo: Rob’t Hart
Project from Jacob van Rijs
Photo: Jannes Linders