EventsStructural Engineering for the Designed Environment

Structural Engineering for the Designed Environment

Jane Wernick

engineers HRW

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07 July



The challenges of the climate change crisis mean that collaborations across the disciplines are more important than ever. We all need to be able to share our knowledge and concerns. We need to properly assess how our buildings perform, and we need to re-evaluate how we educate the next generation of built environment professionals. If we kept delight and happiness as key objectives of what we built, might we come up with a different set of outcomes?

Jane Wernick will talk about the collaborative process of designing our built environment and our responsibility to inform and influence our clients and stakeholders. She will describe some of the projects that she has worked on, and the conversations, with architects and the rest of the design team, as well as clients, contractors and other stakeholders that led to the final designs.



Jane Wernick

Jane Wernick CBE FREng is an engineer who likes to work on projects that give delight. At Arup since 1973, she ran their Los Angeles office from 1986-88. Her most notable project was the Millennium Wheel.

In 1998 she founded Jane Wernick Associates (JWA). Projects include the Young Vic; the treetop walkway at Kew Gardens; and the Living Architecture Houses. In 2015 JWA was incorporated into engineersHRW, where she is now a consultant.

Photo Jane Wernick © Mark Barfields Architects



Jane Wernick has taught at many architecture schools. She won the 2013 CBI First Woman of the Built Environment Award. She is a member of various Design Review Panels, and think tanks, and edited the RIBA Building Futures book, ‘Building Happiness – Architecture to Make You Smile’.

Photo © Astrid Eckert
Kew Treetop Walkway © Jane Wernick
Millenium Wheel, London © Jane Wernick
Rainham to the River © Peter Beard Landroom
Photos © Astrid Eckert