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Creative Empathy

Mario Cucinella

MCA, Bologna, Italy

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04 July
Foto von Mario Cucinella



Architecture has an important role to play in sustainable development. Mario Cucinella explained his approach to “sustainable architecture” which considers the environmental impact of a building, and introduces the concept of “creative empathy”. According to this, each building has the potential to redesign not only its internal spaces, but also its immediate environment and even cultural and socio-economic systems. Buildings have the potential to establish an intimate relationship (“creative empathy”) that links people, places and local technologies, thus creating environments that are enriching as both living and working spaces. 

Mario Cucinella

Dr. Mario Cucinella is the founder and head of MCA (Mario Cucinella Architects), an architectural firm based in Bologna, where he heads an international team of architects and engineers. MCA focuses on energy issues and the environmental impact of buildings. 

Mario Cucinella’s most significant projects include the Sino-Italian Ecological Building (SIEEB) in Beijing, the Municipal Building in Bologna (Italy), the Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies in Ningbo (China) and the headquarters of 3M Italy in Milan. 

Since 2004 Mario Cucinella has been a visiting professor at the University of Nottingham and since 2013 at the Technische Universität München.  


In January 2012, Mario Cucinella founded Building Green Futures, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development through green architecture and urban regeneration. Its goal is to create built environments which incorporate clean technologies and local knowledge for better living conditions and provide sustainable access to natural resources in developing and least developed countries.