EventsFehmarn Belt crossing – the missing link

Fehmarn Belt crossing – the missing link

Jørgen S. Steenfelt


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10 November
Photo by Jørgen S. Steenfelt



The new Fehmarn Belt crossing between Germany and Denmark is a highly challenging and top-priority Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) ­project in Europe and will provide a direct railway and motorway connection between central Europe and Scandinavia. Two alternative solutions, a bridge and an immersed tunnel, were simultaneously designed by two teams 2009-2010 with the bridge pronounced the preferred solution. Surprisingly, the Danish Parliament in early 2011 approved the tunnel solution as the preferred solution with the bridge as an alternative, pending the final decision in 2012.


The presentation by Professor Jørgen S. Steenfelt focused on the bridge solution and the challenges posed by the geological setting, the environmental impact/concerns and the proposed design solutions for the foundations and the superstructure.

Jørgen S. Steenfelt

Jørgen S. Steenfelt was geotechnical expert and geotechnical lead for suspension bridges and technical coordinator for foundations from 2009 to 2010. He was in charge of the conceptual and basic design of the 19 km fixed motorway and railway link from Denmark to Germany. 

For more than 40 years Jørgen S. Steenfelt has been involved in engineering practice, management, research & development and teaching within geo­technical engineering (including rock mechanics and engineering geology). The activities have covered desk studies, design, site investigations, field and ­laboratory testing, monitoring, physical and numerical modelling, arbitration and expert opinions. His engagement in a majority of these areas was with ­an emphasis on theoretical aspects and trouble shooting for large and special projects. Jørgen S. Steenfelt has been the Technical Director of COWI A/S, ­Copenhagen, Denmark, since 2010. 

Photo from Jørgen S. Steenfelt


Jørgen S. Steenfelt has broad experience in foundation solutions for fixed links, bridges, tunnels, marine structures and buildings. He has working experience from a large number of countries and have resided in Denmark, England, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The Philippines, Qatar and South Korea. Jørgen S. Steenfelt has been actively involved in teaching at various universities and in work connected to code of practice, standardisation and international co-operation through ­professional societies. He is the author or co-author of more than 100 scientific papers and an acclaimed lecturer with a number of general reports, state-of-the-art and key note lectures.