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Paradigm Shift

Stefan Polónyi


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06 November
Photo of the lecture by Stefan Polónyi



Common to all designs of the distinguished structural engineer Stefan Polónyi is the fact that they are realised using suitable materials: From the shell roof of the Church of St. Suitbert in Essen to the urban train station Reinoldi in Dortmund to numerous bridges in the Ruhr district, not forgetting the new Leipzig Trade Fair – all of these structures were developed by Stefan Polónyi working together with prominent architects.


Stefan Polónyi’s lecture ranged from 19th century building masters to today’s computer-aided design. Polónyis’ body of work can meanwhile ­be found in the A:A1 of the Technical University of Dortmund. A selection from this extensive material was displayed at the exhibition “Bearing Lines – Bearing Structures: Design principles in the work of Stefan Polónyi” at the Oskar von Miller Forum. The exhibition was opened after his ­lecture.

Stefan Polónyi

After completing his studies in Budapest, establishing an office in Cologne at the end of the 1950s and a later teaching post at the Technical University of Berlin, Stefan Polónyi arrives at the University of Dortmund in 1971. His “Dortmund Model” developed there represents a new departure in teaching. He combines the degree courses architecture and civil engineering without either discipline losing its distinctive profile. He brings his understanding of the work of a civil engineer to teaching, seeks interaction with architecture so as ­to merge design and load-bearing structure to create a unique aesthetic. His structures and his work have been honoured with many important national and international awards. Stefan Polónyi lives and works in Cologne.


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Project from Stefan polonyi