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Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

Karl Morgen

WTM Engineers GmbH, Hamburg

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22 November
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Since the middle of the 20th century, a fixed link across the Baltic Sea between the German offshore island of Fehmarn and the Danish island of Lolland has been under consideration. On 3 September 2008 Germany and Denmark signed a state treaty on the construction of the fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt.
As one of the first steps towards realising the first Fehmarnbelt crossing, a bridge and a tunnel were designed by two separate planning groups. In February 2011 the tunnel was chosen to be developed further.
Designed as an immersed tunnel that floats into position with a length of 18.1 km under the seabed, the tunnel is a unique construction.
Almost 20 million cubic metres of soil must be excavated from the seabed in water that is up to 40 metres deep. The dimensions of the standardised tunnel elements for the tunnel are approx. 220 m x 42 m x 9 m. These elements are to be produced in a field factory with a dry dock. 


The lecture discussed the planning, the geological features, the legal planning aspects and the technical details of the project.  

Karl Morgen

Dr.-Ing. Karl Morgen has been a managing shareholder of WTM Engineers GmbH since 1986. At the same time, he is a member of various expert panels and standards committees and has been the deputy chairman of Hafenbautechnische Gesellschaft HTG since 2012 and the deputy chairman of the Studien­gesellschaft für unterirdische Verkehrsanlagen STUVA e. V. since 2006. WTM Engineers GmbH with its registered office in Hamburg and locations in Berlin and Munich stands for forward-looking engineering services in the construction industry. Over 10,000 implemented projects serve as proof for the extensive experience.

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