EventsMembranes in the Construction Sector

Membranes in the Construction Sector

Ewald Bubner

Universität Duisburg-Essen

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27 October
Photo of the lecture by Ewald Bubner



Civil engineer Ewald Bubner was the partner of Frei Otto, the pioneer of lightweight construction, for many years and as such was involved in the development of this extraordinary roof structure. The focus of his lecture was therefore on the design of the Olympic roof in Munich. Ewald Bubner gave a vivid account of how models were the only means to compile the information needed to calculate and build such structures using a variety of forms and materials. He thereby provided the answer to the question of how it was actually possible to implement the com­plicated structure at the Olympic Park without special computing pro­grammes.


The spectacular tent-like roof of Munich’s Olympic Stadium was erected more than four decades ago and is still a major attraction.

Ewald Bubner

Prof. Dr.- Ing. Ewald Bubner was partner of Frei Otto in Warmbronn near Stuttgart from 1968 to 1975. In 1976, he became head of the Institute of Structural Design at the University of Essen. At the same time, he worked as a consultant in the field of lightweight construction for 30 companies worldwide. He furthermore took on various posts as a visiting professor, e.g. at Harvard University in Cambridge, USA, at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and others. Ewald Bubner is an author of specialist books and articles and holds lectures on lightweight construction before national and international audiences.


Photo of the lecture by Ewald Bubner
Ewald Bubner with Students; Photo: Astrid Eckert
Project from Bubner Ewald - Olympiapark