EventsRemote Sensing and Data Visualization

Remote Sensing and Data Visualization

Jochen Teizer

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

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21 November
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Remote sensing and data visualization technologies are rapidly transform­ing the way we design, plan, build, and operate facilities and infrastructure today. Access to reliable and fast data, information, and knowledge is becoming increasingly important in construction engineering ­and man­agement. In his lecture Dr. Jochen Teizer highlighted research being ­performed at his RAPIDS (Real-time Automated Project Information and Decision Systems) Construction Safety and Technology Laboratory with the aim of achieving safer and more productive work environments.


First, the state-of-the-art in emerging real-time location sensing (RTLS), as built data capturing (terrestrial laser scanning and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)), and information modelling (BIM/VDC) technologies were reviewed. The lecture then addressed the following important research questions: How can unsafe and unproductive work practices that are unknowingly designed or planned into the schedule of construction models be automatically identified early in the planning cycle and eliminated? What impact does real-time resource location tracking technology have on site layout planning and control? How can construction site data be collected and used to advance workforce education and training? Methods and results of field trials were shown; future research and development was discussed with the audience

Jochen Teizer

Dr. Jochen Teizer was director of the Real-time Automated Project Information and Decision Systems (RAPIDS) laboratory until May 2014. The laboratory is located in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. RAPIDS, where Jochen Teizer had a teach­ing assignment, specialized on safety and technology research and education in the construction, mining and infrastructure industries.